i didn’t realise shit didnt have to be as hard as it was

shout out to all of you downplaying tough times

speak up, get help

aight this post is up at 370 notes and counting; I never thought it would get so much attention and i just wanted to thank everyone who’s shared it around

if this helps just one person keeping quiet like I was then i’ll be overjoyed. everybody stay safe yeah

I needed to see this


telling your friend a pun like 







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"you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,


can i trade in my reproductive organs for video games and electronics


I’m doing a series on being Chinese-American and growing up in the South during the Civil Rights Movement. With giant guardian lions for pets. 

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Trio of Green Trees

Morelia Viridis Forum - Three lovely green tree pythons from a member’s collection show diverse and impressive colorations in this nice photoshoot.

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I think it’s done! My first Grey Warden, Rael Surana, vanquishing the Archdemon, even though he knows that he dies with it. (I love this ending in Origins, even though the actual epilogue is kinda meh since you’re, well, dead. I wish your party members would speak at your funeral dammit!)

Did this for fun between and after classes, entirely in photoshop. Hope you guys like it! xoxo

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A while ago I heard a version of this story where Athena has pity on Medusa and turns her into the gorgon to protect her from all men. A gift instead of a punishment for her brother’s crimes.

It always stuck with me, so here’s a doodle.

This has come up on my blog a few times, and I REALLY really am struck by how beautiful this is. so.. reblogging it to you guys. Isn’t it lovely?